Anne Gosselin – Professional Tour Guide in Normandy

“Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

– Ibn Battuta –

For me, traveling is vital.

I grew up in Normandy then decided to discover and travel the world. My travel adventures took me to Asia, discovering Angkor and Tokyo; to Egypt and its gigantic pyramids, North America, from New York to Vancouver.

And as for Europe? From north to south I experienced the cold of Norway and the heat of the countries of the Mediterranean. The cities of continental Europe like Edinburgh, Berlin, Porto, Seville… a world in themselves!/p>

Traveling takes us back to the past, to the roots of human history. It tells us about the present, it depicts a landscape, shows us an animal, and for a time travel invites us to connect with a place and its inhabitants.

I lay my hat eventually in Montreal, London and Sydney. This was more than a travel discovery; it was a way for me to live in a city from within.

Visiting a place, listening and chatting with others, living at the same pace of the locals and for a while being part of the land somewhere on this planet. It was a different journey; it’s one that is about meeting people.

Returning to Normandy, I settled down near Bayeux, where my family roots are deep. Here I have become a storyteller. For 7 years, I have shared histories with you, travelers. Stories based on a region of France, but also more intimate stories of a Norman family who has been linked to this land for generations.