Let’s go for a tasty and fragrant walk!

Type of visit:
• Group
(up to 30 people)
Families & friends

Visit duration: 2:00 hours

Accessibility: quite easy (narrow cobblestones and sidewalks in places)

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The tour

With hands in our pockets and noses in the air, let’s stroll along the old streets of Bayeux to taste Normandy.

We will smell the air of the Cooks and Milk streets, plug our noses in the Dyers and Butchers streets… the vibrant life of the past was full of smells and activity and noise. Then, just there, the bells of the cathedral were ringing the hour of recollection.

Today, the town still resonates, with foreign language and the loud noise of the cars on the cobble stones.

A surprise awaits you during this tour!

Price: 192 € 


Around your visit… my own personal favorites!

Restaurants: L’Angle St Laurent, le 49, Chez Paulette, le Volet qui penche
Gastronomy cuisinel’Oliverade (Italian specialities), le Drakkar (artisan chocolate maker)
Local specialities: Au comptoir des saveurs
Wine cellars: au Fin Gousier, Le Bouchon (wine cellar & bistrot), Bajocave
Walks: les rives de l’Aure