Staying in Bayeux?

Here’s a few ideas and personal favorites of mine.

Feeling hungry? picto-restaurant

Enjoy a taste of home-made mouth-watering cuisine at:

Enjoy French cuisine:

All-you-can-eat crepes and galettes:

Exotic cuisine:

And there’s more: 

picto-artWant to go farther?

“Made in Normandy” Arts and crafts/souvenirs

picto-oiseauCare to go for a walk?

Along the River Aure: From the sensitive natural area south of Bayeux to the Haizerie Farm of Vaux sur-Aure in the north, where you can even buy a well-deserved ice-cream, take a gentle 3-mile stroll along the river and enjoy the beautiful countryside around Bayeux.

My Gourmet tour: from the Place de Québec, near the town hall, walk alongside the Aure river to reach the « Place aux Pommes » (the Apples square). This little stroll will take you to one of the most beautiful spots of Bayeux, on a bridge that spans the river Aure to reach the square. It will also whet your appetite!

Stop by the Oliverade to take you on a mini journey to Italy… A few steps farther and you’ll land on the “Grand-Rue”, the main street of Bayeux (Saint Jean, Saint Martin and Saint Malo). Walk up Saint Martin street. La Bajocave (wine cellar) will open its arms out wide to you. A little early perhaps? Carry on. The window of the Reine Mathilde chocolaterie will definitely stop you in your tracks if you are a chocolate lover! While next door, the Comptoir des Saveurs will charm you with all its Norman specialities. And then, why not try another homemade, local chocolaterie, the Drakkar, farther up the street? In need of a break?

You’ll smell the ground coffee before you see the sign. Next door, the wine cellar Au fin Gousier will offer you, well a little stronger break! But why not try a sip of Pommeau, a Norman apple speciality, while the kids can sample some apple juice. Turn on Franche street. You will give your eyes and palate a rest, before ending in front of the cathedral.

Teatime? Make sure to try out the cute Volets Roses tearoom for a delicious sweet snack and tea.

From the cathedral to the Benedictine abbey: from the cathedral, walk up the pretty Juridiction street to find General de Gaulle square and its beautiful lime trees. Crossing the square in a diagonally, take Terres street to reach Poterie street.

Finding the Cordeliers passage, well hidden at the end of a little square, you will reach the Benedictine abbey. Do not hesitate to enter and discover the Benedictine sisters’ shop, for great gift ideas. They will warmly welcome you there every afternoon.

From General de Gaulle square to the Commonwealth military cemetery: the post-war started on Général de Gaulle square in Bayeux.
A monument (cathedral side of the square) shows us where the Général made his first speech on Norman soil, on June 14th, 1944. Crossing this beautiful square lined up by lime trees, passing the central fountain, you will reach Verdun street. A little farther up, walk towards the Capa roundabout and enter the moving memorial dedicated to war reporters. Then from the roundabout, cross Boulevard Fabien Ware to visit the Commonwealth Military Cemetery and its memorial , which is just across the street. Walking amongst so many graves will take you back to this very harsh and bloody battle of Normandy in 1944. As you walk out of the cemetery, facing the Memorial, take a right and you will see some remains of the battle of Normandy. If you have a little bit of time, enter the very interesting Battle of Normandy museum.

Bayeux botanical garden: from the tourist office, walk up the “Grand-Rue” (Saint Jean, Saint Martin and Saint Malo) to reach Saint-Patrice square. Cross it in a diagonally then walk up Dr Michel street. The botanical garden is situated on the outskirts of Bayeux, so you will need a little bit of courage to reach it on foot (about 25 mins from the tourism office). But you will be rewarded! This garden is “one of the most beautiful landscaped gardens of the 19th century in Normandy”. Follow a sign-posted path to find out more about its beautiful treasures.