Bayeux –
Mysteries and legends of a cathedral

Let’s immerse ourselves in the sacred past of the cathedral and together discover what the stones are trying to tell us.

Type of visit :
• group
• Families & friends

Visit duration: 1:30

Accessibility: easy

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  • bayeux-cathedral-guided-tour
  • bayeux-cathedral-tour

The tour

Shhh… can you hear it?

Let’s follow the song of the stones, paintings and stained-glass windows, and try to decipher the hidden messages of this beautiful building. Sun, energy and spirituality, how many stories, prayers and symbols live in this place?

We will delve into its history, but from a different angle. Let’s follow our senses and listen to those who built this wonder. And – who knows – we might even have to call on God!

Price: 162 €


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