Omaha – Pointe du Hoc

A landing, a liberation: in the footsteps of allied soldiers
and Norman civilians.

Type of visit:
• Families & friends

Visit duration: 5:00 hours
(6:30 hours with Pointe du Hoc option)

Accessibility: easy
(A vehicle is necessary, not included in the service)

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The tour

This is more than a mere visit; it’s a voyage to be taken together.

The code name Omaha landing sector remained in the memories of the American soldiers who landed there on June 6, 1944. It also remained in the memory of Norman families such as mine, who owe their freedom to these men who came from so far away. It is these two sides of the same story, this meeting of peoples in adversity, which we’ll discover together, by going to the places that will remind us of their history.

We will end our tour with a glass of a local drink that many soldiers appreciated in the past.

Optional: we will push up to “Pointe du Hoc”, a steep 100-feet cliff where highly trained American Rangers had to climb on the morning of June 6 to seize an artillery battery from the enemy.

• 260€ for 5 hours
up to 8 persons from Bayeux
(vehicule is not included, transport is at your expense)

• 310€ for 6:30 hours
Omaha Beach
 Pointe du Hoc option

up to 8 persons from Bayeux
(vehicule is not included, transport is at your expense)


Around your visit… some personal favorites of mine!

Restaurants: le Lion d’Or, Chez Paulette, le 49
Wine cellars: au Fin Gousier, Le Bouchon, Bajocave
Walks: les rives de l’Aure, from Charles de Gaulle square to the Commonwealth Military cemetery